WordPress hosting for developers

Do you spend a lot of time on maintaining your clients’ websites, which you would much rather spend on building new WordPress websites? If so, you have come to the right place! We will ensure that the servers are always up to date and employing the latest technologies.

Our support experts are always at your beck and call; engage them directly via chat, email, or phone. We are able to help you with all sorts of things this way; we can quickly add that much-needed IP whitelisting for you, input a redirect into the NGINX configuration, or provide you with just the right tip for you to be able to continue your work.

Your work becomes easier and more fun thanks to our hosting services. We update the WordPress core and plugins for you, create daily backups of your websites, and keep your clients’ websites online. We also offer an extensive toolkit that will make managing WordPress websites much easier.

Bas van der Lans

“Choosing for the dedicated WordPress hosting by Savvii has enabled us to assign all of our developers to client work.”

Bas van der Lans , Co-founder Van Ons


How long will it take for me to be able to get started?

It will take barely any time at all! After you have ordered your package, we will immediately roll it out on the platform and supply it with an empty WordPress installation. You will then receive an email containing your login details for the wp-admin, sFTP, and database.

Is it possible for me to try out your hosting without being immediately tied down?

Yes, it is! Simply apply for a free 14-day trial period. We will then provide you with a fully functional package to allow you to see how well your website performs on our platform. The package is then terminated automatically after 14 days.

How does deployment work when using Savvii?

There are a number of different methods for you to use. The most common one is GIT combined with Capistrano. Go to GitHub if you would like us to explain how!

How do I use staging?

Staging is easily accessed via the control panel. Go to the staging tab and create a staging environment with a single press of a button. Merging your staging website with your live one is done in the same easy manner.

Can I create easy backups using Savvii?

Certainly! Go to the backups tab in the control panel to create a backup. Moreover, we create a new backup for you every night, and we also create backups for you whenever you merge your staging environment with your live website.

How do I optimise my website?

We have created this step-by-step plan to explain in great detail how you can optimise your website’s speed.

Our clients

  • BigSpark
  • Van Ons
  • Simplefly
  • No Protocol
  • Stuurlui
  • Social Elephant

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VPS hosting 10 sites and up €174 /mo

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