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Team Savvii

“Staying at home as much as possible is not a choice at the moment, but a moral obligation. For all people staying at home we now have free development servers”

Team Savvii , #StayAtHomeAndDevelop #BeResponsible #TimeWellSpent

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Development Shared

Monthly Regular price € 5
3 months Stay Inside Gift* € 0

Free to use, cancel at anytime

Development VPS

Monthly Regular price € 25
3 months Stay Inside Gift* € 0

Free to use, cancel at anytime

Development server

* Stay Inside Gift:
Cancel your server after 3 months?
No problem! Free to cancel at anytime.


All features available

The same hosting power as you’re used to get from us, with all it’s features. Ideal for building a new site, or for tweaking existing websites. Basically, you get the same type of server with a no-index header on your website. For the fraction of the price you normally pay! The difference with staging is that you use this server for the long term. Even the automatic backups have been set up for you.


Directy live

The big advantage of our development servers is that they can be put live immediately. Satisfied with your development results? Then put your freshly designed website directly live to production without any hassle. Another big advantage is that the website is password protected. So nobody is able to have a sneak peak at your website without permission. Do you want to give customers a preview? Send them the URL and password.

FC Urban

“On a development server you immediately see the power of Savvii's hosting. All features are available. With the flick of a wrist you can push what you've build to a live website”

Joep Lamme , Founder & managing partner FC Urban

More info about our development servers?

Benefits development server:

✔ Platform tailor made for WordPress websites

✔ Deployment tools supported (GitHub, Capistrano)

✔ Development environment equal to production

✔ Multisite support

✔ SFTP and database access (phpMyAdmin)

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