Extended SLA

With an Extended SLA, you can rest assured that we will offer you our excellent support even more effectively. At Savvii, providing top-quality support is in our blood. Our >90% customer satisfaction rate is ample proof of this. We constantly measure our customers’ satisfaction with every form of support we provide. In our standard SLA, we offer guarantees regarding e.g. our response time during incidents. Although we do not offer any guarantees concerning standard support requests, we do have strict internal standards in place. If you want to make agreements about how quickly we respond to your requests, we offer an Extended SLA.

The tables below detail the differences compared to our standard SLA:

Incident management (free)


Standard SLAExtended SLA
Answer Time:Resolution Time:Answer Time:Resolution Time:
Full outage of a VPS30 min2 hours15 min1 hour
Partial outage of a VPS1 hour4 hours30 min2 hours
Full outage of Shared1 hour4 hoursN/aN/a
Full server backup VPS* N/a N/a15 minA.s.a.p.

*Full server backup VPS. Do you use a VPS Ten or VPS Tweny, for example? Then we can restore the entire server in one go. You’ll save time by not having to use backups for each individual site.

Change management (paid)

Standard SLAExtended SLA
Answer Time:Resolution Time:Answer Time:Resolution Time:
Minor changesee technical supportsee technical supportsee technical supportsee technical support
Normal changebest effortin consultation2 hoursin consultation
Urgent changebest effortin consultation2 hours2 days

Support (free)

Standard SLAExtended SLA
Type:Answer Time:Resolution Time:Answer Time:Resolution Time:
Technicalbest effortbest effort1 hour6 hours
Financialbest effortbest effort4 hours2 days
Ordersbest effortbest effort2 hours1 day
Cancellationbest effortbest effort2 hours1 day
Salesbest effortbest effort2 hours1 day
Complaintsbest effortbest effort2 hours1 day

An Extended SLA can be ordered only with our VPS plans for € 79 monthly. The contract duration is equal to the the contract duration of the VPS.

The Extended SLA can be found online.

Do you have any questions or do you want to order an Extended SLA? Contact your account manager or send an email to info@savvii.com.