• Data storage in the Netherlands
  • 100% green energy
  • ISO27001 certified

High availability

Our data centres are designed to minimise the risk of downtime. Our systems continue to function even during long-term power failures. Thanks to UPS technology, diesel generators are started up in the event of long power cuts, thus guaranteeing continuity. All components are also monitored and regularly tested. This is not limited to simulations in which UPS technology and diesel generators are tested, but also includes black-building tests. This is an extensive test in which a failure is simulated as realistically as possible.

Hoge bereikbaarheid


CDN network with 250 locations worldwide

Our Premium Managed Webhosting plans include Cloudflare’s CDN network, which extends across 90 countries and 250 cities worldwide. This huge network ensures better loading speeds around the world by using the closest location for each of your site visitors. For our Managed Webhosting and Managed E-commerce hosting plans, we offer CDN as a separate add-on.

Multi-layer security

Our data centres are protected by multiple layers of security and have strict policies to prevent unauthorised access to our servers and your data. The data centres are ISO-27001 certified and meet all requirements for information security. Of course, the facilities also have the necessary physical security. The data centres have a fenced entrance, 24/7/365 camera surveillance, strict access control, emergency power supply, climate control and alarms in case of burglary or fire. But also security teams who are ready to respond to any situation 24/7/365. Access to the server rooms is restricted to screened employees.

Meerlaagse beveiliging

Strategische locatie

Strategic location

The data centres are located in Amsterdam, one of the world’s largest network ecosystems. This offers global coverage that is ideal for both multinationals operating across borders and entrepreneurs who focus on the Netherlands. When constructing the data centres, a conscious choice was made to locate them outside flood zones, which ensures a reduced risk of disasters. The resilient facilities can also withstand bad weather and wind.

Eco-friendly hosting

Savvii conducts business in a sustainable manner with a focus on people, planet and profit. We focus on sustainable and responsible entrepreneurship. Only together can we contribute to a sustainable world and a liveable planet. This is how corporate sustainability has become an irreplaceable facet of our company.

All websites hosted at Savvii are powered by 100% renewable energy, generated by wind farms and solar power. Our data centres also use intelligent cooling and heating systems to reduce power consumption.

Milieuvriendelijke hosting

The green web foundation

The Green Web Foundation

The Green Web Foundation advises, guides and supports the transition of the Internet sector to the use of sustainable energy. With tools that show whether a website is green-hosted, for example. And datasets to speed up that transition.

Savvii is an official Gold Partner of The Green Web Foundation and encourages the movement towards a healthy and sustainable Internet. Savvii is constantly investing in a sustainable future and this is something that is worth being proud of. We think a sustainable world is important and are therefore happy to do our part.