Reseller Partner model

Our Reseller Partner model is the classic reseller model where our partners can enjoy the Savvii quality without letting go of control. With this reseller model, we enable our partners to increase their monthly customer revenue when buying in bulk. We prefer to call our resellers: Partners. In our opinion, it’s about more than just reselling hosting. Becoming a reseller with Savvii means that you are outsourcing your hosting and by doing so, entrusting us with the trust of your clients and, in part, the reputation of your business. Of course we take this seriously, which is why our hosting must seamlessly connect to your core business. Our hosting should not get in the way of your core business but support and compliment it.

“With this partnership I can offer quality hosting at an attractive price. An affordable price for the customer, and a healthy margin for myself.”

- Wouter Markvoort, Co-owner Buro Bedenkt

Reseller Partner model levels

Do you want to take that next step with your agency in offering a full-service solution? Do you already offer hosting to your customers but can you do even better? Or are you just very satisfied with our services and do you want to share this with your clients? Join our reseller programme and benefit from an ongoing remuneration! As a Savvii reseller, you will receive 10% or more in ongoing commission for as long as your clients use our services. Depending on the partner level.

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Frequently asked questions

How do I apply for the Reseller Partner model?

To apply for the Reseller partner programme, please fill in the form above. Our account team will be in touch to discuss the next steps.

Which Reseller Partner level suits my agency best?

Do you have doubts about which level fits your agency best? Please contact our account team to find out which level suits you best.

How does the discount work exactly?

Within the Reseller Partner model, you receive a discount on the purchase price of our domain and hosting products. Depending on the resale price to your customers, you will earn a margin on this.