Value Partner model

Our Value Partner model has been specially developed to provide maximum support to digital agencies. Active out of the box support is our top priority. Because we take care of the support, our partners can fully focus on their core business. Our specialists are always ready to provide the partners and their customers with assistance when needed. Also proactively, when we’ve already seen the question or need coming. In the projects of our partners, our specialists have an advisory role in the preliminary phase, a leading role in the installation process and a worry-free role in the operational process. We provide a carefree feeling, so that you as a digital agency and your customers always have the assurance that all is well. We are constantly developing our partner model to be able to grow along with digital agencies and to offer extra value in a strong partnership.

“After five years of working together, I can say that we are confident in placing our sites at Savvii”

- Roderick van Straten, Head of web agency Heers

Value Partner model levels

 Through our unique approach, we have gained the trust of many partners and established long-lasting relationships. The longer, bigger and more intense the partnership, the higher the partner level. Together, we search for a package that best meets the needs and ambitions of the partner.

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Frequently asked questions

How do I apply for the Value Partner model?

To apply for the partner programme, please fill in the form above. Our account team will be in touch to discuss the next steps.

Which partner level fits my agency best?

Do you have some doubts on which level is best for your agency? Please contact our account team to find out which level suits you best.

How does the kick-back work exactly?

In the Value Partner model, you receive a monthly discount in the form of a credit invoice. This kick-back fee is based on the monthly customer turnover. It is only applicable on the domain and hosting products. The amount of the kick-back fee therefore differs per partner. In other words: The bigger the better.