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Do customers regularly ask you for hosting services? Or do you already sell hosting, but are you unsatisfied with your current provider? We will be happy to help you integrate our quality hosting into your agency.

Why become a reseller at Savvii?

By buying in large you create extra monthly turnover without offering overpriced hosting to your customers. Many marketing and web development agencies have gone before you. Every month they generate extra revenue by selling our hosting to their clients. We prefer to call our resellers partners. After all, there is more to it than just reselling hosting. Becoming a reseller at Savvii means that you’re going to outsource your hosting and thus entrust us with the websites of your customers. We take this seriously, which is why our hosting needs to fit in seamlessly with your core business. Our hosting should not get in the way of your core business, but should support and compliment it. In concrete terms, this means that our hosting is stress-free and doesn’t burden you with extra work. Read below what we offer as a partner and how we can achieve your goals together.


Our hosting environment is specifically designed for WordPress websites. This means that the ‘server stack’ has been optimised with WordPress in the back of our minds. As a web server, for example, we choose NGINX over Apache (the most commonly used web server). We also set up Varnish cashing at server level. When building up our server stack, we always ask the question: ‘What is best for WordPress? If it improves the performance of WordPress websites, then we will make an effort to do so. This makes our hosting superior to generic hosting. This enables us to get the most out of your customers’ WordPress websites!


Do you spend a lot of time on peripheral issues such as updates, system administration, security and improving loading times? Savvii takes these matters off your hands. You can be sure that this work is carried out in a professional and automated manner every day. This creates more time to do what you are good at: building WordPress websites. At Savvii we call this #NoMoreWordStress


If we compare your website to a car, hosting is the engine that pulls that car forward. A powerful and well-oiled engine ensures a fast website and extra website building possibilities. The ideas you have for your website can be presented to us. We will be happy to look at what’s technically possible when it comes down to hosting. Our WordPress experts know how to make optimal use of our platform with your website.



WordPress is known for its ease of use. The CMS is so popular that thirty-five percent of all websites today are built on it. This entails a number of security risks. A single entry or vulnerability can potentially be used to hack into or infect other WordPress websites as well. Security is therefore Savvii’s number one priority. We apply strict security measures and follow strict security protocols. Also our clients are subjected to certain protocols that need to be followed. Aside from our general security measures we also offer an additional security package from Sucuri. This package enables clients to crank up  their website’s security significantly.


If you need us, we’re available. We can be reached on weekdays by phone during office hours, but outside these hours we have the 24/7 emergency number. Email (via our ticket system) and chat are also part of our support arsenal. What makes our support team special? Only WordPress specialists work for us. This makes it easier for us to detect problems and to solve them quickly. In addition, we’re always ready to give advice on website problems that fall outside the scope of hosting issues.


As a partner, we won’t leave you out in the cold when it comes down to selling our hosting. In an advisory role, we are happy to help you with how to integrate our services and products within your agency. We can help you with price propositions (how much should you charge your customers),  promotional material and sales tactics. As a partner, we’ve got your back!

Savvii Hosting Features

  • Daily back-ups
  • Malware detection & clean-up
  • Staging
  • Automated updates
  • Free SSL certificate
  • sFTP & Database access
  • 24/7 Emergency Support
  • Varnish caching
  • Memcached
  • Own IP address
  • Multiple server locations
  • Specialized support
  • Access to knowledge base
  • Personal account manager
  • Create your own backups
  • Easy, free migration
Buro Bedenkt

“With this partnership I can offer quality hosting for an attractive price. An affordable price for the customer, and a healthy margin for myself”

Wouter Markvoort

Read the story of Buro Bedenkt and discover how much recurring revenue you can collect every month .

Read the customer case of Buro Bedenkt here!

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Domain names and web server hosting

Our core business is managed WordPress hosting. We’re trying to keep all our focus on delivering the best managed WordPress hosting platform out there. As a result we don’t offer domain names and web server hosting. Of course we can always advice you on where to best get these products.