Even better support with an SLA

As a Savvii customer, you can count on a high level of service for your entire IT infrastructure. Every Savvii customer can count on excellent support from our specialists, even without an SLA. We also do everything we can to ensure that your site remains online. We take care of the technical issues of your server and manage it completely. This level of support meets the needs of most customers, but for customers who want more assurance, there is the SLA.

With a Service Level Agreement, you have more certainty regarding response times, a separate phone number that provides priority access to our engineers and developers and guarantees on the time in which we pick up and solve incidents, also outside of office hours. Our premium Web hosting and premium E-commerce hosting plans already include an SLA.

Faster response with a Service Level Agreement

Would you like to have clear agreements on how quickly your queries will be dealt with? Then sign up for an SLA with us. An SLA can be added to an existing plan and costs €100 per month. The duration will be the same as the duration of your existing plan.

The overview below shows the differences between our standard support without SLA and with Extended SLA. You can find our complete Service Level Agreement here.

Incident management

Standard supportExtended SLA
During office hours
Extended SLA
Outside office hours
Response time:Solving time:Response time:Solving time:Response time:Solving time:
Prio 1*best effortin consultation30 min90 min60 min120 min
Prio 2*best effort
in consultation
60 min240 min90 min270 min
Prio 3*best effortin consultation
240 min360 min270 min390 min

*Savvii applies the above priority distribution. The description of the PRIO categories can be found in our Extended Service Level Agreement.

Change management

 Standard support Extended SLA 
 Response time:Solving time:Response time:Solving time:
Minor changeSee technical supportSee technical supportSee technical supportSee technical support
Normal changebest effortin consultation60 minin consultation
Urgent changebest effort
in consultation
60 min2 days

Directly apply for Extended SLA

Would you like to apply directly for Extended SLA on your existing plan, or do you have any questions? Please contact one of our account managers on 024 820 00 00 or send an e-mail to info@savvii.com or fill in the form below and we will contact you.

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Internetbureau Heers

“After 5 years of working together, I can safely state that we place our sites at Savvii with confidence.”

- Roderick van Straten, Head of web agency Heers

No words, just results

Avg. response time <40 min
No. of support channels 4
In-house engineers 26
Reviewscore 4.9

Frequently asked questions

Do I also need to purchase backups with an SLA?

No, that is not necessary. We automatically make daily backups for all your websites. These back-ups are stored offsite for 7 or 30 days, depending on the plan. Standard with one backup restore per day. Our Managed plans have a 7-day retention period. Our Premium plans have a 30-day retention period.