What is an SSL/TLS certificate?

SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) is an encryption protocol used to establish a secure connection (HTTPS) between web browser and web server. When you visit a website you want to be sure that no one from outside can view your data. Before an HTTPS connection can be established, the web browser and web server must acknowledge and validate each other. An SSL/TLS certificate is essential in the validation process. Would you like to know more about how an SSL/TLS certificate works? Read it here.

Let’s Encrypt vs Sectigo?

We install a free Let’s Encrypt certificate on every website we host. Every site has a secure HTTPS connection. Sectigo’s DV certificate has some advantages over Let’s Encrypt. We can install the certificate before your website goes live. With Let’s Encrypt, it is only possible to install the certificate after the DNS has been set up. Sectigo’s DV also provides an extra guarantee in case of fraud by hackers.

Want to know more about SSL/TLS certificates?

Advantages of SSL

✔ Secure HTTPS connection

✔ Better results in search engines

✔ Quick installation

✔ Increases the reliability of your website

✔ More conversions

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