What is a SSL/TLS certificate?

SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) is an encryption protocol that’s used to create a secure connection between web browsers en web servers. When you visit a website you want to be sure that nobody is able to intercept your data. In able to establish a secure connection both the web browser and the web servers need to validate each other. In the process of validation a SSL/TLS certificate is needed. Want to know more about how a SSL/TLS certificates work? Read it here

Let’s Encrypt vs Sectigo?

We install a free Let’s Encrypt certificate on every website we host. Therefore every site on our platform has a secure HTTPS connection. Sectigo’s DV certificate has some additional advantages. We’re able to install the certificate before your website gets live. With Let’s Encrypt it’s only possible to install the certificate after your DNS is appointed. Sectigo’s DV also gives you additional warranty for when fraud with your certificate is committed.


Want to know more about SSL/TLS certificates?

Benefits of our certificates

✔ Secured HTTPS connection

✔ Better results in search engines

✔ Installed quickly

✔ Increases trustworthiness of your website

✔ More conversions


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