Performance boosters

Flexible PHP possibilities

Use the latest version of PHP or switch to an older version. This ensures that you always have the most suitable setup.

Advanced caching

With caching, we help websites perform significantly faster. Both static and dynamic content is loaded significantly faster. With special configurations for WordPress, Magento and Shopware.

Lightning-fast platform

Savvii has an advanced managed hosting platform. Equipped with the latest innovations and a strong focus on performance and security. Modern and powerful, even under high work load.

Performance optimisations

Everyone uses their website differently. We look at your personal situation and optimise when necessary for the most optimal results. This is how we make websites perform even better.

Website performance scans

Our premium plans include website performance scans as a standard feature. During the on-boarding we map out the loading time of your website and pinpoint potential bottlenecks or performance improvements.



Security solutions

Malware detection & prevention

Each plan includes daily platform scans to monitor for backdoors, malware and other security threats.

Malware removal

Malware can appear in many different forms. From Trojan horses to pieces of code used to retrieve payment data. Is your application infected? Our Premium Managed E-commerce plans include this feature as standard. For other plans this feature can be purchased as a separate add-on.

DDoS server protection

Our engineers monitor our network day and night to ensure that your online experience is hassle-free. By using various security solutions, we are able to detect and eliminate DDoS attacks in the early stages.

Latest software support

Savvii supports the latest software versions. This means you always have the latest features, are protected against possible errors and vulnerabilities in the software and you prevent unexpected costs in the long run.

Optional performance add-ons

LiteSpeed caching

LiteSpeed is an all-in-one caching plugin with support for HTTP/3. WordPress websites and Magento stores could increase their speed up to 2x, even with traffic spikes! This is not only beneficial for your visitors but also helps to improve your SEO results. Price in consultation.

Load balancer

Everything is about balance. This also applies to the traffic on your website. If your website requires the highest possible availability and performance, or if your website has to process large amounts of traffic, a load balancer is the solution. Price in consultation.

Performance optimisation

Does your plan not include a performance optimisation? Then you can still order it as a separate add-on. We will optimise the server for your website/store to provide the best performance. Price in consultation.

Content Delivery Network (CDN)

Boost the performance and security of your website/store with a CDN. A CDN ensures that the content of your website always reaches your visitors through the most optimal route, anywhere in the world. Price in consultation.

Optional security add-ons

Malware removal

Would you like to benefit from our malware removal services? These services can be added to your plan as a separate add-on. With this add-on, we will scan your website for malware and make sure it will be returned malware-free. Price in consultation.

Customer-specific DDoS protection

Is your website being targeted specifically? In this case, we can set up an extra layer of protection, especially for you. This ensures that your website and all its data are protected. Price in consultation.

Support EOL software

We recommend upgrading to the latest software version, but we understand that there are applications that require an older version. Are you using EOL software and would you like us to support you? Ask us about the possibilities. Price in consultation.

Optional support add-ons

24/7 website monitoring

With 24/7 website monitoring, a specialist is always monitoring to make sure that everything is running smoothly. If something goes wrong, we can quickly respond to solve the issue. In most cases, even before you have noticed anything. Price in consultation.

Support SLA

Does your plan not include an SLA as standard, but do you need one? At Savvii it is possible to include an SLA with your plan. For just € 100 per month, you can enjoy all the benefits that our SLA has to offer.

Migration support outside office hours

Do you prefer migrating outside office hours so that all projects are disrupted as little as possible? This is no problem. There are additional costs charged for this. Price in consultation.

Need advice on add-ons?