What is SSL?

SSL is a way to encrypt the data that is transferred between your WordPress website and your visitors. This means that only the intended recipient is able to decipher the data. People or computers who intercept the data cannot see the original content of that data. In addition to the security mentioned above, SSL certificates of the type ‘Extended Validation’offer additional validation of the owner of the website. This is shown by a green address bar in the web browsers. Using SSL will encrypt the data transferred between you and your visitors and ensures that both sender and recipient can validate each other’s identities. If you order an EV certificate your visitors will also be able to verify you as the owner of the website.


Domain Validation (DV) certificate – Free with Let’s Encrypt!

Domain Validation (DV) certificate

Basic certificate: Secures one domain.

DV certificate in your browser

For every (sub)domain you add in your control panel, we have already added a
free Let’s Encrypt SSL certificate.

Price: Free

Domain Validation (DV) certificate – Sectigo

Does the free Let’s Encrypt certificate not contain enough verification for you? We also provide DV certificates with more extensive verification of the requester from Sectigo:

One year: €49,95
Two years: €79,95

Do you want to order a Sectigo DV certificate? Please
contact our support.

EV (Extended Validation) certificate

Offers additional verification of the site owner through a green address bar. For one website.

EV certificate in your browser

One year: €279,95
Two years: €499,95 

Order EV certificate

Wildcard certificate

Extra: Secures unlimited multiple sub domains of one primary domain.

WildCard certificate in your browser

One year:
€179,95 Two years: €339,95

Order Wildcard certificate