When hosted at Savvii your sites are already well protected. Each site runs in its own environment, we perform daily virus and malware scans, utilize a firewall, offer optional automatic updates for core and plugins and feature brute force prevention. Do you want to make your sites even more secure? Have a look at our Savvii Security Plus package.

Standard at Savvii

  • Daily scanning for malware and viruses
  • Brute force prevention through our Savvii plugin
  • Firewall
  • Automatic updates for core and plugins
  • Free malware cleanup (number of times per year depending on your plan if your core and plugins are up-to-date)

Additional security measures with Savvii Security Plus:

  • Web Application Firewall. Filters all malicious attacks before they even reach your site
  • Emergency DDoS protection. Filters all user-agents that have not enabled JS
  • Intrusion Detection System. Filters aggressive bots, Blackhat SEO Spam injections and more
  • CDN. Speed up your websites even more with caching and worldwide points of presence
  • 2 Extra free malware cleanups. Even with the Starter Plan or with outdated core or plugins
  • Scanning for malware and viruses every 3 hours. 8 times a day
  • Additional server-side scanning by Sucuri
  • Blacklist monitoring, i.e. Google, Bing, Norton, McAfee, Spamhaus
  • WHOIS monitoring. Alert when WHOIS data changes
  • DNS monitoring. Alert when DNS data changes
  • SSL monitoring. Alert when SSL encryption or certificate changes
  • All communication with external security organisations is taken care of by Savvii
  • Free installation and configuration of all monitoring and scanning
  • Audit trails
  • Monthly Security Report
  • Optional: Increase trust by adding ‘Verified by Sucuri’ badge on your website(s)

All alerts are checked by Savvii so you are not troubled with false alarms. Furthermore, cleanup and hardening are done faster
if something is wrong.

Pricing & Terms

  • 1-4 domains: €15 per domain per month
  • 5-9 domains:  € 11,25 per domain per month
  • 10-19 domains: € 10 per domain per month
  • 20 domains or more – contact us for a quote

Savvii Security Plus is only available as a service with a one-year agreement. Savvii Security Plus is not transferable to domains not hosted at Savvii.


Use the order form to order the Savvii Security Plus package.